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So I get chronic migraines. They're painful and horrible and I can barely move when I get them. I can't stand light, I over heat, and I throw up a lot. It's truly terrible. And I'm currently experiencing one. The only remedy I have is sleep and for some reason I can't sleep. It's stupid. 

I know it sound silly but I blame him for my migraines. Hell I blame him for every horrible thing wrong with my body. I know it's not his fault but so many things are, why not stack on migraines. 

The irony is I hate sleep cause all I dream of is him and what happened. Even though it was 7 years ago. And yet I find myself praying for sleep at moments like these. When the pains to much.

Anyone got any good ways to stop a migraine?


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I had migraines too. I have strong medication that normally can cut them away but after all my body is hurting and I need to rest and sleep. 

And yes, I keep having nightmares after all these years (he contacted me recently so now they are way worse) so I hate sleeping. I sleep a while, I wake up terrified and then I can’t sleep anymore. 

I don’t know, not my best moment either,

dont you have any medication that helps you? 

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I am sorry that you are going through that. I am a chronic migraine patient. I am in the middle of surgical intervention because they are so bad. I also have trouble sleeping even if I am so tired. I do use ice packs on the head and that would sometimes help. Have you seen a doctor about it?

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Yes, I’ve been to the neurologist and he just gave me pills to make it better but didn’t really paid so much attention to me. 

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