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My story



Hey there. If you're reading this, it's because you've been through something horrible. Like me. I was told telling your story is apparently suppose to help. So here goes. 


I was 13. I come from a very strict, religious household. Around 13, I was still a little nerd who only wanted to read Shakespeare and save the world through music. Hell, a part of me still is that girl. Point is, it was almost my 14th birthday and truthfully I had never disobeyed my parents but you know how that goes. I was just turning into a teen. I was questioning my parents (with good reason) so when I got invited to a high school party by my friend, I decided I was gonna rebel. I regret that decision to this day. 

I snuck out. I went to the party. My friend disappeared with her boyfriend. I met an older man. He seemed nice. Talked about Shakespeare. I obviously trusted too quickly. 

Gave me a drink

I got dizzy

I woke up, looking at the stars. I realized I was in front of the side door to my house. Without pants on. He zipped his fly...kissed me on the cheek...and said he had a "great time" but if I valued my life I'd keep quiet. So when I finally got the strength to stand, I went inside....

I snuck in

I cleaned up

I ignored it.


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