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I am new to this and am seeking love, help, and support.



Hello! I am new to this. I am seeking some help, love and support from people who have faced similar challenges like me. I think it will benefit me to know that I am not alone and what happened to me was not my fault. I think this open communication will help me better cope with fear and anxiety I live in because of what was done to me. I have the lingering fear of being raped and abused again even though i know it's paranoia I feel. I need guidance and help get more support to better understand and cope with what happened to me. I never feel normal anymore yet considering what I've been through it's normal for me to feel that way. If u have any knowledge that may help I am all ears! Along with support, advice, or encouragement anything beneficial would be nice!


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I am also new here and in the same boat as you.   I hope things get better for you.  

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New here too still trying to work it out. Sorry if I say the wrong thing.

As someone who blanked it out for years, I can say that although it's horrible and hard, you are doing the right thing to seek help. Looking at it and trying to work through it will be much better for you in the long run. It's brave and strong, even if you don't feel it now

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I am also new to this. 

it took so much to get here, and I’m sure it was something that may have been hard for you too. I just want you to know that you are so, so loved. there are going to be times when this feels like more than you can withstand, but I know we can get through this together. 

you are strong, you are amazing, and you are enough. 

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You did the right thing seeking help. Ive only been here a few months and already its helping. There are understanding loving awesome people here. Im here for you. 😊


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