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Leia Skywalker


I was able to trust someone today. Actually a few people.

Recently I had a somewhat serious injury from a sport, nothing too bad, but it has left me with the inability to lift or seriously use my right shoulder.

When I admitted to someone I was hurt they didn't laugh, or use it against me instead they hugged me and asked how I was. This genuine feeling of concern is new to me.

Most of my life has been keeping quiet about problems because when I didn't it was used against me.  The world is scary but maybe there truly are enough good people in this world to help it through. I have finally started to find those people, its been a good day. I just hope the days following can be just as good. 

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I used to become emotional when someone did something nice that benefited me and did not expect me to do something in return. I had become used to physical, emotional and sexual abuse and it surprised me that anyone would be good to me. I always expected the worst and often got it when I was a child. Being looked on as important, appreciated or respected was difficult for me as I was used to feeling sad, hurt or angry.

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