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My movie today

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Tonight when I reflect on the moments of the day, i will laugh at myself for the times my mind gave me thoughts that made me feel insecure, and worthless. I will laugh at that because it is absolutely silly that I treat my mind like it is this bully I have no control over; this ominous entity which casts a black veil of weakness over my self reflective eyes. It is quite the opposite. It is like the movie, the Wizard of Oz, with that man, I can't remember what they call him, but he acts like this all knowing, all seeing, powerful god, but really he is just a man behind a computer. It's kinda like that, except I am the man behind the computer. I decide which thoughts to keep and which thoughts to filter out. I decide what I want to shift my energy toward. It all felt so simple just yesterday. All of this felt so automatic. But I am learning that through action, and literally taking the decision in the moment to not give into the thoughts, slowly makes you feel like you are the one in control of your mind, and your mind is nothing but a machine under your operation. It's okay to feel emotional. When thoughts come remember to view them with compassion, understanding, and acceptance. Do not fight them. Remember they are in your complete control. You can focus on good things, and things that make you feel good because you deserve it. 


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