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I called the police and made a report.  Wasn't sure what to say; details are really foggy.  But, I managed through it.  I was afraid my boyfriend was going to be listening in, because I'm just not sure he wants to know the details, or at least, I'm not ready to give them to him.  I was afraid to give the details to the police too.  What if they didn't believe me?  After all, I don't really know enough details to do bring justice to the event and all we were doing was getting my statement.  What if they didn't make the report?  I needed help, and without it, I can't get counseling that is a little more my financial speed.  There were three officers present, and the first to show up was the male supervisor that had to be there.  That scared me.  I didn't want to give details to a man.  Then two women police officers showed up, and they knew what to do.  They believed me and understood why I was doing it.  The male police officer distracted my boyfriend, and they talked about simple stuff, so he didn't have to hear the details.  

After all was done, the only thing I could think of doing was cook.  I'm good at that.  Love to eat too, comforting.  Then I made wings for my angels to put on my Christmas tree.  My boyfriend got angry that I didn't want to share the details of what happened, which stressed me even more.  All the busy work I did, didn't seem to help as much as I needed it too.  But, eventually, I made it through the night.

Time to get up and get dressed and ready for work.  That usually helps me a whole lot.  There are all the little old ladies with their wine, and men who have lists ordered by their wives, and it is my job to make their day a little easier.  It doesn't require a whole lot of effort, but it gets me out of my own head for a little while to worry about other people's moment of happiness when they find what they are looking for and get through the store a bit faster.

Take care all.


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