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Not again (computers!)



Well, I just spent a lot of time writing and when I went to post it, I lost everything  - again!  Don't know if I can remember everything and it's getting late and I'm tired and will probably head home soon. I may try to retype it all tomorrow on my laptop and copy and paste so at least I'd have a copy it something goes wrong so I won't lose it again.  

It's been a long day. Started off by getting my plans all changed when a friend called and asked if I could hang out with her young teenaged daughter as she needed to be gone for several hours.  Right after that I picked up my sister's kids to take them out for supper and take them shopping to get their daddy birthday gifts (his birthday was today and he wanted some kid-free time with his wife).  I had an enjoyable time with the kids.  Since I don't have any of my own I have to take what time I can get with my nieces and nephews (I have 12) to help fill the need to nurture/love a child.  I can truly be myself with these kids and know that they will still love me, no matter how crazy I can get at times. I had them laughing and giggling so hard at supper tonight it makes me smile just remembering it.  :-)

After dropping off the kids back to their parents I headed to my favorite copy shop so I could write in this blog.  I had a really good entry, the title was Favorite Color.  Oh well, like I said, I think I'll try to retype it tomorrow.  I'm just too tired to do it now. 

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