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The Door

I'm standing before a door.

I am so tired.  My heart is breaking, the grief chokes me.  I feel as if I am drowning.

The door stands between me and the healing I so long for.  I know I must go thru it and face what is on the other side if I ever want to be whole again.

I have kept this door shut, hidden away, locked up.  I reach out and one by one begin to remove the locks. My hand grasps the knob and then, I stop.  I know that on the other side is a little girl. Once the door is open, I will have to face her. 

I don't know if I can bear to look into her eyes.  Eyes that are haunted by fear, shame, pain and confusion. No one knows what is happening to her and fear keeps her silent.

But wait, she isn't truly alone and there is One who sees her suffering in silence.  He feels her pain and her shame. 

And He is here with me now, holding me close as I begin to turn the knob. Together we push the door open and the little girl looks up.  Our hands reach out and grasps hers.

Hand in hand the three of us step onto the path, the beginning of a long journey.  The way ahead looks dark and foreboding.  At times the tears will flow, but they will be tears of healing and release.

The little girl and I exchange a look and I nod.  We are ready to see where this journey will take us.  We can face our fears, knowing that nothing can separate us from the love of the One Who is walking this path with us.  When we stumble and fall, He will pick us up.  When we grow weary, He will strengthen us.  

We move forward, knowing there is nothing too big for Him to handle.  With His help we will make it to the end, where there will be no more pain and no more tears.


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