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I've decided to make things right



I have read so much on this site and I can feel so much of the pain being expressed by so many of the victims and survivors.  It has made me angry and I have a new calm that has come to me making it easier to live with the fact that my rapist will be out of prison in less than a month.  I feel nothing, and I am sure that he will find me right where he found me the first time, skating on the path.  This time I will be ready and prepared.  I will not be a victim any longer with a sad story.  I will be ready and this time it will go very differently, this is the only thing that brings me peace and allows me to feel happy and sleep.  I know it's wrong to say, but the courts had their chance and now I will have mine.  His release from prison will give me the chance to set things right and ensure that he never beats and rapes someone again.


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