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So this is my first day on this site. Ill start by explaining it was one man who raped me 125 times in the span of 3 months when I was a little girl. And I was raped 2 more times by 2 different guys while in high school. Both whom I thought were friends. I thought I was safe in my group. I was wrong. However these experiences have left me afraid of many things. I cry when I'm in a bathroom I can't stand it if it doesn't have a lock, I hate the dark, glow in the dark things, giraffes, tom and jerry, showers, basements, oat meal, and fishing. Even the park makes me have an anxiety attack. I want to get over it already. Its been almost 2 years since the recent attack and 11 years since it first started. More than anything I just want to get better.


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