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"fortress Of Solitude"



Where I grew up, how I lived and what happened when on the run is important. Born in Juneau, but didn't really reside there until I was five. From 5 to 15 I lived in my hometown; yet when I was born and the moment I reached mid-twenties, I had moved every four years of my life; either within the city, outside the town or another state - even outside the country - I had unhappily moved all my life during the formative years. But while growing up in the state's capital, I had developed a love, a fondness for the place I lived because a kid like me was the star of my own fantasy. (Cue the sudden, abrupt needle lift that scratches the record)...yes, I fantasized alot while growing up and Juneau was the perfect place to evolve the ideas, the flotilla of stories created while enjoying my first year back. That year, 1974, if I remember it right, was probably the most eventful year of my life - I've done a lot things following 1974 - because it meant meeting family for the first time. Everyone wanted to meet and get to know the newest member to the family: me. Most were warm-hearted, caring and welcoming and others were not; those that were aloof were at least cool enough to let me tag along (big age difference); there were a few family members that were neither caring or cool, though and it was a foreshadow to my life seen in a much darker future than I would live out with older cousins unlucky enough to babysit.

Juneau. Ok.



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