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I am a strong survivor who will keep surviving



Some days are harder than others. There are days I wake up and although I have a pulse and my heart is beating, I still question my livelihood. Am I even actually living? Is this all just make believe? Why do I feel numb to feelings and the world around me? I try to find answers but without receiving a response I just accept the fact that regardless I am here. I was for whatever unknown reason given a new chance at life. Today just like any other day, I woke up. My heart still there, however many beats per second. I am alive. Today, right at this moment I finished getting dressed and feeling as beautiful as one can, i sit at my kitchen table with my usual daily cup of DD coffee. Just thinking. Is this really all life is made up of? Falling down and attempting to get back up? Anyhow, today I decided to make a choice, well a few actually. Today, I choose to live. Today, I choose to in and exhale. Today, I am strong. I am a warrior. Today, I love me. Today and everyday, I will hold my head high. I will not let this disaster of a scenario control me, my life, or any future outcomes. Today, I am beautiful. And today, I smile. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you all try your very best to do the same. 


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"Today, I am strong.  I am a warrior".  It may get easier, but it may not.  However, YOU will continue to get stronger...I know this.  Blessings! -POM

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Yes I too am a warrior and laugh and smile and carry on, I hold my head high today.  I have nothing to be ashamed of.

glad you are a smiling warrior too.:)

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