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Dear Sister

Dear Sister, You say you are proud of me how i have gotten over my past, ok really, dammit,TW... tell that to my leg that is bruised because I had a horrible flashback of my father pleasuring himself on the toliet while i took a bath, which caused me to have a dizzy attack and fall on my tubTW...., tell that to my neck that is swollen and hurt because i choked myself last night so hard just to shut up the loud littles that wanted to share their stories of horror and i just wanted to sleep, tell that to my eyes that cant seem to cry but want to all the time, tell that to my daughter who sees me struggle to live day by day. I am so happy you got to grow up with a protective loving dad but at the same time it breaks my fucking heart that i will never have that, i am grateful  hat you did not grow up with my mom, who hated me because i turned her husband on and made me feel worthless, only worthy of a life in an institution, grateful but it fucking breaks my heart when you moan she got on you for your weight and thought you were a sl*t,TW.... my mom half bathed me and made me spray perfume down there so i did not stink for dates with my dad at six. I was brought up that envy was a huge sin but the envy i feel for your childhood and the fact you have him as your dad consumes me, especially when you remind me that he is still there for you and i will never have that, ever, There was a time, I turned him into a romantic lead in my life in my head so I could not feel this consuming jealousy but since mom passed and he is living with his girlfriend, i fight no longer him playing that role, it hurts so bad he is so good to you and saw me as nothing more than her daughter and maybe a friend, please try to not kick me in the fucking gut, heart anymore by telling me what a great dad he has been and is to you, teleah, nodak, theresa, and tc.


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