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Journal Therapy

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1. Finish the sentence…

Today I feel… okay. Probably from being high.

I’m so happy I have…  a place to live in the immediate future. Homelessness is one of my biggest fears behind mob mentality and bears

I fear…  being pitied and seen as some weak person that can't take care of themselves

I feel challenged by… My current work situation. That I have to face what I have done and that includes making my boss feel bad.

A wonderful thing that happened today… I began to internalize the idea that I had something happen to me that wasn't my fault that might still be deep within me.

If I had the courage, I would… Say exactly the truth and how I feel to every person that I see without embarassment.

Often times I wonder… what other people think of me. What they would think of me if they knew everything about me.

My mother … Is someone that I don't want to talk to ever again if I don't have to.

I showed a lot of strength when… When I decided to tell someone what truly happened and why I have for so long thought that it may have been my fault that it happened.

Sometimes I imagine… Not living anymore. It's not what I want to imagine and it's terrible. It's just hard to imagine goals for myself when I feel like I'm barely surviving.

I’m embarrassed that… I wasn't strong enough to fight back. That my way of fighting is so often to give up because I'm scared.

My greatest achievement in life is… Choosing to be a State Tested Nurses' Aide. Holding the hands of people I loved in their final moments. The care and comfort they recieved during the end of their lives.


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