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Quick Update

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So, I haven't been on here in almost 2 weeks, and at first I felt bad but then I realized that not only was I not super active here yet (as I am still a newbie to the site), but I was actually taking care of myself and haven't had time to do much online. I started a new job last week, which was very exciting, and so I've been extremely tired and going to bed a bit early. I also have been dealing with migraines off and on, so I've been extra medicated as I keep having to use my rescue med and rest when I get home from work. Migraines are likely unrelated to work, so no worries there. Sometimes I just get them for no real reason at all.

Anyways...not much to say at the moment as I am fighting one of those migraines this evening. My plan is to hydrate, medicate, rest and sleep. Hope everyone is doing well, and I am sending as much positivity out to everyone that I can spare. 

Much love. <3

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