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Mother's Day



Mother's Day has almost ended in the US. I am glad to see it go. While my mama and I have our issues, this isnt my problem with the day. Because I am involved in the lives of my nieces, nephews and some cousins people assume that I appreciate being wished a Happy Mother's Day. Why in the world would I appreciate that? I am not their parent. Their parents are alive and well. I assume the role I should take. I am an aunt but they rely on their mother. I am a cousin but the day to day work belongs to their parents. Why would I want to take anything away from them? 

Yes, I discipline as required but that is my role as the elder, right? Yes, I do what I can so they dont go without. But again that is part if being family. It doesnt warm my heart to be honored on this day. It actually pisses me off if someone does because I had always hoped to be a parent. Trying to give me something I have not earned is quite annoying. Arguing with me about why I dont want to be honored this way is even worse. 

Just respect me and keep it pushing. Now, when is Aunt and Cousin's Day? :roflmao::dance:



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