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strange dream

brooke taylor


I had a really strange dream just now. I was at home I could hardly breath or speak. I saw in the mirror there was another face on mine. It looked beautiful and normal but I could hardly move mouth which caused my inability to speak and breathing problems. I wanted to to peel the face off but I was scared I will destroy it and make it look ugly. I didnt know what to do and started to panic.

Then someone came through the door. I dont know him but I knew he is said to be a very learned and wise man. He saw I was in so much main and just ripped my fake face off. It wasnt that painful I was more in shock. When I looked in the mirror I saw my real face looked all ugly and rotten not clean and beautiful like my fake one. I opened my mouth and saw there were fungi growing all over my tongue. I tried to slowly remove them which was so painful. I had to go to work but decided not to because I didnt want anyone to see me ugly and rotten like this. Part of me wished to have my fake face again. Then I woke up.

The dream was really intense and it reflects how I feel about my fake and real self. 


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