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Day 22 entry 5



Dad's not well. Mom doesn't want to fight for papa. Bro yells at me for dumb stuff. At least hanging out with our gaming buddy over the weekend was cool. Last week was average. As in the usual morning complaints and pretending everything is okay at night. It wasn't so bad though. Sister is doing well. I haven't been recording the smaller things which I should be doing. I don't report on my medical condition either which I should also do. Speaking of which I got sick a couple days ago. And I feel like giving up on this journal but I gotta remember why I started it.... Which is to keep track of the dumb stuff in my life that bothers me.

Today my dad called my brother and talked to him for almost 2 hours. The first hour of that was spent crying about mistakes he made in life and how terrible his brothers and sisters are to him. I felt bad for him. I even talked to my sister about it. Who replied " look on the bright side. At least you have a real father ". Had to give her a hug because the subject of father figures upsets her. I know dad realizes his mistakes in life. Does mom recognize hers?.....
My sister also told me I shouldn't feel bad for him. I disagreed. Argued that he was at least sorry for his mistakes, but moms current husband? Let's just say he has selective memory and won't admit any wrongdoing.....


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