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I dont understand

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My friend got a message on her phone from this guy she use to talk to saying that he was going to beat her up and rape her. Like WTF?!!??!?!? she did nothing to him but stop talking to him. She went to someone at the school and they told her to forget about it because it was basically an empty threat. but seriously?!?!?!?! that set me off I was so angry and triggered because I was in a similar siutation. UGH

I have also been externly triggered by thirteen reasons why because of the rape scenes in it. Was anyone else triggered by it? I was it was so graphic and the way that they showed her flashbacks made me realize that is how I feel. Also I was doing so well and then I got stress and anxious and started to over think and bringing him into my head worried about if I was going to see him at a retreat I went to last weekend. I 6 panic attacks in a day because I was so nervous. It was crazy. I hated it. I hate being like that. I hate all of this. The reminders in my day to day activities. Now I want to make this very very clear I am not at all suicideal. I would never do that. But I honestly just want it all to end. I dont want to have nightmears. I dont want to wake up in the middle of the night. I dont want to fear of going places. I hate this,... why does stuff like this have to be so traumatic and why cant they just make a medicine to make everything go away. to forget it. to not have fears. So i could finally live my life normal again. If anyone out there has it or wants to do a clinical trial for it. Im down as long as you promise It will make all the memorys go away of that one night. The night that I will always remeber.

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Same (told to just move on) and deifnitely to the thirteen reasons why! I had two full emotional breakdowns because of being triggered by those scenes and others, and it started me into a depressive episode. Great! I also get not wanting to live with those memories anymore. I dont want to hurt myself, but its so hard to live with this pain

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