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Why me?

Why would this happen to me? Do I seem to br strong? Did I seem weak? Was I just a person that you thought you could use scar and toss away like garbage? 


you made me this

at fifteen you made me this

you were 20

shouldnt you have known better


no you didnt

because you ignored me pushing you hand away

you ignored me saying no

you ignored me telling over and over I didnt want to sit in your lap

You ignored me when I said I dont want to kiss

You ignored me when I told you I wanted my phone


your the 

your the reason 

your the reason that I was labeled

but now I created a new lable


I survied you

I survive the memories that you dont have

I survive the nightmears that keep me awake at night

I survive people telling me that it was my fault

I survuved the bystanders watching and doing nothing

I survived you

But I will never forgive you

for giveing me a lable

at fifteen




Recommended Comments

Sorry you was hurt by someone who should have known better.

sorry you was labelled too.


safe gentle hugs if okay?


great blog :) 

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