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TC just wants her dad



Went back to therapy this Thursday, still in outpatient but had to see if i could get trauma therapy and found out I could, wish was good news maybe. Anyway most of the session was talking to TC, my youngest little, she is 3 or 4, she is so little, it hurts to look at her, she does not usually talk just cries but she talked this time,because I was willing to hear her or maybe she found her voice, I asked her what she needed from me and she said, she needed to be be believed, she needed to feel safe so i held her and stroked her hair and told her she no longer had to see her dad, i would protect her and she cried and said no he was her daddy and told me she did'nt trust me because i had hurt her a whole bunch of times, i told her i wouldnt do that anymore she just fell quiet as the therapy appointment ended and now i have to write my dad a goodbye letter and she keeps weeping, i can hear her like when she showed me TW.... her daddy teaching her to bring the leopard blanket and how to sneak her little hand under and please him as her mommy made dinner and her big brother played in the same room, I do not how to get her trust after hurting her through self harm through years, I want to tell her saying goodbye to her daddy is a good thing but she just sits and cries, i have no idea what to do now because all TC wants is her daddy.


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I understand this very very well and I'm so sorry that you are going through this.

Sitting with you.


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Thank you ((((((dbnb and annie)))))), as a real parent does, I did what was best for her. so I decided to protect her and emailed her and my dad and said goodbye to him so she can be safe and grow knowing she is loved and taken care of, so know she is so sad, grieving him as if he passed, but to her little sad self, he is gone forever so i have to figure out how to comfort her and how to stay safe knowing i no longer have a dad and am now am orphan. teleah

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Thank you all for the support, TC's dad did not fight for her and she is really sad,also she was reminded of her bad grandpa tonight so she is frightened and mourning, Nodak is mourning her J is dating someone, not her as she had dreamed about since 15, Theresa is mourning the loss of a mom, not the needy woman she took care of, after seeing a real mother and daughter fix dinner together and Theresa Lee is angry she does not belong anywhere and Teleah is exhausted holding all these emotions in and sees they broke her in pieces and wonders if anything will put me together again, I have no idea how to be a whole person anymore, have no idea how to handle their losses and stay safe, teleah

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