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What do you wish people knew or understood about the rape so that they could help you now?



That it is not (as I've tried to believe) "just something that happened a long time ago". It is something that still makes me feel sick inside every day. 
That the effects run much deeper than they could imaging, deeper than I ever thought before I started really looking, and probably deeper still than I am currently aware. 
That So very many things can be a trigger, and this can change depending on how I'm feeling. If I'm feeling low, Everything makes me think about it and feel even more sh!t. 
Mostly I just wish people understood rape. I wish thay knew that it isn't 'normally' like what you see on the news. 75-90% of the time it is someone you know, a date/friend/boyfriend, not a stranger at the bus stop, it happens at their house or your own, somewhere you should have felt safe. That freezing is as 'normal' a response to this as 'fight or flight'. I wish people just knew this, I wish I'd known this.


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I agree. Especially about the triggers. I always end up seeing connections that aren't there: not because I want to, but because I can't stop. 

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The effects seem never ending, I think society doesn't want to hear this.  I really agree  with your post.

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I went to people i felt safe with and they said well you are an adult now. I hate how everyone treated me. My husband doesnt understand why i dont to talk to family . and majes me feel guilty and mean for not wanting to talk to people thst made me feel worse than the aytack itself

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