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This is the truth I hold, It took a lifetime to unfold but only a moment to be locked away and never told. Now hear me speak, I'm done feeling weak. The story I have to tell is my living hell. Don't be so quick to assume I led myself to this doom, I do that enough. Sometimes its tough, people don't want to know, instead they say 'it was so long ago' aren't you over it yet? I heard that so much, so i pretended to be all set. I even believed some of my own lies, but the truth about pain is that it never really dies. It sits there like dead weight, making it hard to believe it started with a first date. The best part is when people tell me what they would've done or ask, 'why didn't you run?' All I can do is roll my eyes, their ignorance is no surprise. Who do these people think they are, none of them were there in my car.

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I get it... sometimes it isn't as cut and dry as others think it is... I couldn't run either and others don't understand why. They try and tell me that I should have ran and that's what they would have done... but they aren't me and they didn't see or experience what happened to me. 

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