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If rape steals something from you, what parts of you are NOT gone?



My hope: I still have hope that one day I will feel genuinely, completely comfortable and happy in my own skin. My love: for my husband, friends, family, pets, colleagues. My drive: to build a good home life, a good business, to experience and enjoy my world. My diplomacy and ability to see all sides of the argument/situation (usually) to find a fair compromise. 


(This was much harder to answer than the last 2. I feel like I focus so much on the bad, trying to block it out, trying to face it, just trying to live with it, that I forget what's left, I forget about me. I find it hard to see myself as the person others see, not just someone who was SA'ed and is struggling to handle it)


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My generosity, @PreciousRose my life is a good one,

I'm still able to be happy, to love, to make great things, to help, to share, to play music, to do sport, to study, to learn, to… trust !? 

By sharing and asking for help, we trust other members. By trusting, we finally reopen slowly our trust. It was damaged, but it's still there.


Did we lost something or is it just very damaged ?  


@JustSam Your point is still good even after 3 years. 




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It didn't take away the chance to meet my husband, to start my dream life, my pets, my ability to love. It almost took away my dream to move forward with my schooling but I didn't let it and I never will.

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Sexual abuse took away my childhood. It took away my ability to Express my emotions; took away my tears and my anger.

It took away my ability to make decisions and to tell people that I disagree with them.

I was so intent on making sure I met everyone else's needs that I lost myself in the process

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The abuse did not take away my ability to feel compassion.

It didn't take away my ability to find my husband and have 3 amazing children. It didn't take away my ability to enjoy my family; if anything, it did the opposite - I was aware how precious our time together was, and I made sure I enjoyed the time we spent together. 

After losing my mother and being abused by my father; I made sure my children never questioned how much I loved them, I made sure they weren't afraid to talk to me about anything, and I made sure they were never afraid of me. Definitely something I never had.

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