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My personality type is INFP

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Today I learned some more about my personality. It was quite interesting...
I am definitely an introvert. But a unique type. According to Myers blah blah I am a 
My meaning in life is to find out my purpose in life lol. Which is so true. I am constantly trying to figure out my purpose. Like I am constantly praying about this for years and it took 5 minutes on Pinterest to figure it out. My purpose is to heal the hurt. So I'm definitely getting close to figuring out my career path. Possibly psychologist,councelor. So I'm learning so much about me that I feel hopeful about my future. Yay for this breakthrough. Also therapy once a week has helped. Thank you Angela! 😇
Oh and this morning I went for a walk with Summer and Hershey's and I ran into a woman that was also walking her dog and I was nervous at first but she was friendly. So I was comfortable when I passed her again and complimented her dog for being cute. And she said the same back. I'm so happy that I was able to do a small interaction and keep smiling. 

Anyways...baby steps feel so good. Okay so last night I was looking up ways to stop being lazy without medication and some of the things are so mental that I didn't think it would work but it did. I pushed through my usual routine of sitting on the couch to eating breakfast then I sat on my parents bed watching Buried Alive. And I felt really sad for the hoarders bc I remembered last year I couldnt throw away anything even if it was infested with rats. I refused to throw anything away . I was super depressed about Shane leaving me and getting raped. My clothes and things were all I had left of my life with him. Anyways I realized that if I don't change my everyday behavior I'm going o get more obese and more tired that I'm going to give up with throwing things away when necessary so I stood up drank some coffee and went outside. Cleaned the living room put away dishes. I feel good about the choices I made today. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a productive day as well.  

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