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Feelings, nothing more than feelings...la la la...



I begin therapy tomorrow. It's going to be by Facetime. I live in Arizona and my new therapist lives in Nevada. My cousin (from Michigan, no less) gave me her number. I couldn't find one who would call me back who takes Medicare who lives by me. I am so sad, anxious and angry that I just want to eat to medicate the feelings away...so sometimes I do, and sometimes I write, and sometimes I cry. 

After a brief stint in the psych hospital and a week off I went back to work last Monday. God has been good to me-not very many people are coming into my groups right now so my anxiety level isn't through the roof and at my evaluation last week I got a substantial raise. 

I told a good friend (who I haven't seen since I went into the hospital) about what was coming up for me. She's a good friend-she validated me. She even made me belly-laugh at the restaurant (which doesn't happen too often these days). All in all I feel hopeful right now. The tears in this picture are healing tears;



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beautiful picture! I am so happy things are looking up for you, hope they continue like that! Best of luck tomorrow :)

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I really like your picture! I have healing tears too...in the process of looking for a therapist that treats PTSD. It is hard to find a good fit. 

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