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I found her



For the last four years, I have put her name into facebook. j , and I never find her and tonight, there she was, TW,,,,,the girl my father took pictures with at the river, the girl whose smile is etched in mu head, her laughter as she rode her bike behind me, singing Blondie songs, the girl who stood beside me in front of the log, where I was used of posing, then her joyous warm smile turned into shock and shame as he took pictures of her and me in our pantties, seeing her, was good because she is ok, she has kids, she has a husband and she looks so happy not broken like me for that i am relieved but still feel shaken, i thought i would find her and heal but no all that happened is I found her.,


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Today it hurts to be, no one gets it, they are so happy I found her, no one sees or gets this was supposed to heal me, make me move on but all I am is stuck in is he did not break her like he broke me, that I was his favorite, I was his to be broken 

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You are NOT broken. I honestly don't know if it is a good thing that you found her. I just want you to know that I am here with you always.

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Teleah you are not broken you are beautiful you are smart you are strong you are not that person anymore you are so much more. I understand the pain I understand the hurt and I stand with you just like many other members here will and do. Teleah you are amazing. Take back your power be brave be beautiful seek truth seek beauty and always seek faith !

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Thank you ((((((field)))))0 so blessed to know you. ((((((seekingfaith)))))), thank you for your faith in me, i feel i am broken with every flashback that hits me, every tearful night i struggle through, i had put my hope that if i saw her, i would feel closure and feel some relief but that did not happen, I just hurt more now that I found her, some things should never be exhumed, i have learned that now, teleah

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Let yourself feel your emotions I know that is hard but my t is teaching me that now that if I don't feel my emotions they will come out at the most inappropriate time. it's OK to feel how you feel just don't let it side track you. you are still an amazing person 

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