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So with all the political shit becoming even more important and Donald Trump saying the things he has, i have blown up on social media at my family. All of the arguing and trying to make me change my mind because I'm "young and naive" and "don't understand" how our country works pushed me over the edge and i went off on my family, and the only person who stood up for me is the first person i ever told about my attack and she helped me through the recovery of it while i was still her student. Since we are friends now on social media she saw what was happening to me and stepped in to tell me, in front of them, that i wasn't wrong for telling them that making light of what DJT said makes my recovery difficult, and that led to my family asking what she was talking about, which led to me telling my extended family that i was raped 4 years ago. No part of me was mad at my friend, i was grateful she stepped in and said something because i was struggling to find the way to tell my extended family before the holidays. She gave me an avenue to do so and I'm happy about that. I'm not happy that my mother is angry with her. No one else understands my struggle; our struggle. My friend does because she's been through it as well. Im so lucky to have her to still talk to when things get to be way too difficult because either she's at the same spot as me or has been before and can give me advice on how she overcame.

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