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Potential Trigger - Random Thoughts Not So Random



I had toyed with the idea of blogging.   I am usually not very good at it.   I try to be positive.  I try to  be positive because being positive is very important to me.  I have learned so much since the abuse ended.  I have learned so much about myself and about the world around me.   Some of the messages I have received from my experiences were wrong, very wrong.   I learned what it was to be treated like an object. I learned what is was it be treated as less than human.   Even after that, I found out there are so many other ways to hurt deeply.    I have come through physical abuse, CSA, kidney failure, cancer and something has shifted in the process.   The healing process has been a long one.  I look forward to it ending.   I was thinking of my moniker,. I am a huge fan of comic books, cartoons and other forms of animation.   Chose Hawkgirl because she fights through whatever it is to get things handled.  She is one of my favorite superheroes.   It takes strength to make it through what we have made it through.  I am glad AS is here.   Keep looking up.


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