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possible did chatter



hits, hey, what's up whTs up πŸ‘† any way how is everyone?

I am feeling a bit shy is that hidden.? I just want to get to know y'all.

we are a team see thats where it gets confusing . A team all aware of when most of identities shift. But sometimes there are holes. Aww this is scary stuff. Its new it will be ok.

we have each other I wish hubby would join you but he is not a soul that gets this. Well what do you want to do tomorrow? I was thinking about the dressures and mirrors things need a nice shine and freshness yeah😝 lol you are to funny. So I wanna go for a walk. Oh the therapypapers need to be worked in to a routine.


hubby said you need to and will loose weight. Thats my decision and mine alone.

yes I want to. NO I DO NOT AND YOU KNOW WHY! woooow slow down ok we will compramise a middle place for now the goal is to get I shape not to loose weight. Deal

come on guys health issues are surfacing. Its now or never. There is kids involved a special needs few so they need her . Well first signs of men looking in a positive way we are regrouping for discussion. Got it. Deal. See we worked together fo team go. Ok that was corny. So what are we going to do about the garage? It must be done we moved to a nice place friendly town I wanna make a nice home hear the garage must be sorted in a months time and we area week in and zero results. I must move. I only want to keep important things. I know. We can find away to make it work. Think please tommorow I start moving my feet. So be ready I will need you guys to help I go blank when i step in the garage so push ok help me fun too pop out when you are needs and I need to be present to cook and socialize with my family otherwise guys go ahead and take full rein change my life for the better. We must settle things with our selves at this time you will be here always we are one the same night guys. Thank you for being here.πŸ’– πŸ’œ πŸ’œ πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’–


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how ? Does not matter. Just do it please

thanks guys I'm sorry I tune you out I have a lot I'm shuffling and my family and this what ever this is did or just a fluke thing or hey maybe I'm just cray cray. If this is something I am influencing then I would create someone to love me unconditionally and possible triggering

warning ⚠


to caress me gently wipe away my tears.. Calmly with love and endurance for always I can trust In and truly speak without the knowledge that this would end and only leave me in yet one more peace of me to try to put back together.

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looks like do not know how to use this properly sorry guys at least blogging is a free spirit activity its ok to oopsie giggles from far away come closer you are a import an part of me . No matter how Mann times you ooopsie ilove you we are equal yea so come here join me we are who we are lets live a lot ok lifes to fricken short. So .. BRING IT ON! Hoots and hollars all around bliss! What more could a gall ask for.


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so do you guys wanna type longer post so i can get familiar with who is who? No it really does not matter(a person talking in-me lol)

sorry I distract a lot, its ok no worries, yeah they are great, iperfere no names mentioned here for safety perposes for the girls yea or boys lol, you guys are arighit, sorry I change the spelling a lot, its ok I do get a lot of bs from my husband but your totaly worth it. No worries k

you each are special to me. You are closer to life, reality, your my personal Heroes thanks for saving me.

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so I have another second. I am unsure what you guys can handle. I do not want to hurt anyone, triggers and such. Baby steps for all so where we start.



right, I go blank and, I hurt the pressur and fear in sorting. Do you know why?

.......... .......... ..... Ok mabie thats not a far question. Where do we start. Maybie we can just get a bout three boxes lable donate keep and trash, yard sale? Do not know its a big deal to get rid off this stuff. Please help me I'm afraid that any clues to figuring some things out at going out the window, I have learned that I need help I have a mentle illness and need all the support I can get .

you me myself and I translation hidden-

Distract- prime- childhood obsession Lily stoppit are you are you describing or telling. Hidden.please please get on your knees. Guys. Lies lies put up your ties. Sheebee dweebee get off the tv. What is this? Β§hh listen whispering. Shadows cold creepy chills shaking teeth chattering stop. My goodness stop. Okay okay breath deep breaths. Calm down. Rocking. Sweet sweet nighting gale awwwaww mmmmm close yur eyes count to ten breath real deep and blow out again singing to you its ok. Baby steps recovering badly. Could have warned me. You would have blocked . We are here to gelp so lets play calm down your heart is pounding its got to calm down. I'm not ready for this can you not just help me figer out what's in the garage I need to find. Its not that simple. Your soul is sweet innocent, we are here to take the hits. But now we are teaching you how to handle them. No we are trying to help her


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well do not know what happened there but that was more than painful. So what's up guys. I do not feel ok my chest hurts and I'm jumping at everything in very snapy. Aww man I hate this feeling and tonight oh how i dread tonight . Grrrrr

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