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Are you there?



:tear:the tears are in the back of my throat but not falling. But I deffinamtly feel blue. Numb. At the dame time:blush:shy ashamed I feel like I'm going to snap I am afraid to get help Manny resins. I need a human to talk to or do I? A week ago I had them my moods lets call them. Remembering needed info to keep me on track.

completely irrisponsable go with the wind no consaquinesea can touch me.:breakdance:

then there's the eat till I am so gone:-o

then the forgotten one who allows things to slip by without notice. ;] I literally an not remember anything;]

I dream have goals wants I care.;O)

silly all un and games like a child:autumn:

then finally there is a blank dark numbing just cold no matter the amount of heat or blankets it will not touch the insideO.O just blakness.

there are some I have not met but I'm not only when they talk to me.



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Thank you fo sharing this.  What you said has given me insight..."my moods."  I never linked together that "my moods" were more like "parts".  Very insightful and wonderful description that I think is helpful for me and others.  Thank you.

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