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flashbacks with vivid pressure memory



I at this point have never been ______. I did not remember or had no knowledge of any. I was taking my laundry down to the laundry room. The door on the end of the hall was open and there were a group of guys. They were talking and laughing. When I walked by they got quiet. Then started up again. They were fro irac. They were speaking in another language. I started to walk around the building as a caution. My hairs were standing on end. I get it in my gut. I shook off myself warning as paranoia. I went up stairs and they were waiting for me. I tried to walk quickly by but one grabbed my wrist and pulled me down the hall back to the end apartment. I was scared two others were pulling me. Trying to get me in Te apartment one was pushing me I had both feet straddling the door. Two of them were prying my feet loose I was fighting hard. I was shaking. The three standing in the apartment was holding magazine's. The showed me pictures of what they wanted. They was winning my feet was giving. I was terrified. Someone was coming down the hall. They dropped me and I numbingly walked down the hall to my apartment. It was my first husband. He did not believe me. He said lets call the police if this really happened. I would not I did not know why till 2gears and 6months ago. I was protecting myself. I had repressed memories I did not want to remember. The next morning they were gone. Moved everything in the night. He then believed me I do not know why it really hurt him being upset at me. It took some trust away. He said if I would have reported them we might have saved someone else from what I experienced but he used different words sorry can not remember.

so yesterday there was a group of men playing Frisbee and they spoke in another language. The number was 7 it really triggering. I snapped at anyone who touched me or surprised me. I still am on edge and alone.


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