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I have not yet been able to find a title to this poem, but I started writing and it just flowed out of me so peacefully and it drained my body of some of the negativity my father has left behind. Long way to go, but I'm glad to find a good outlet! I hope you guys like it! Thanks for your time :throb:


My heart aches

My mind wakes

These thoughts won't seem to go away

The thought that maybe one day

I'll be at ease

No longer begging you please

The thought that one day

I'll be able to say

Dad, I don't care.

I don't care that you can't love me

Not in the way love should be

For those who love truly

Could never harm so cruelly.

They wouldn't put on their child

Darkness that drives the mind so wild

You wouldn't touch the forbidden fruit

Then keep secrets hidden in your suit

When questions raise

You still soak in undeserving praise

Because what it comes down to

Is that you are too selfish to

Forget about your pedestal

To rid of the demons who lure

Around your daughters hearts

For they are tearing lives apart

But you don't care

Not for our tears

Only for your own pain

And knowing that is what keeps me sane

Because dad, we are not the same.

And I may not be completely tame

But I know never to put my desires above someone else's needs

because that negativity plants seeds

That cause the bad thoughts to grow

But I will never be the source of this i truly know

Because dad, we are not the same.

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