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Do you remember?

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Today I read about an interesting idea, brought to my attention by a member of the site. Lost memories are very real to many of us. I know it's real for me. I sense that I was sexually abused more than I remember. I only recall 3 instances, but those 3 instances are all I remember  from the time I was 12 until I was 15. This member said.. even if you don't remember, the body does. The body knows what happened and it's stored away deep inside our brains. Our body does this to protect us from those things we can't remember. It's a coping mechanism. Because of this, through therapies or meditation, can we actually gain those memories back? 

I spend hours online trying to remember my teenage  life.  I know the memories aren't going to be positive, but I want to know what's happened to me. I have the right to know. I can't forget until I know.

Have you undergone any techniques to remember lost memories? 

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Just from experience whether i want to remember good or bad memories during the time period that the  abuse had occurred, i have found that by going through old pictures or just by reminiscning, on old times brings me back to old memories. For example as i was moving out of my childhood home i stumbled among an old teddy bear( there was a reason this teddy bear was stashed away I'm guessing) i immediately got a sense of fear, sadness, hopelessness, nauseated feelings all at once. It brought back the memory of that day i got that bear, it was given to me by my offender( he had used it as bribe)  it brought back such awful feelings like i was there as a young scared girl all over again, after having this happen i opened up good and bad memories surrounding this time.I had a bonfire and burned all the belongings that i came upon that brought bad memories and kept the positives, just thought i would help you out :) hang in there i no its frustrating not being about to remember, but also sometimes those bad memories are lost for a reason.

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