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How do you feel today?



Every day is different. 

Some days, I feel unbreakable. My abuse doesn't cross my mind, not once. 

Other days, I am able to ignore the increasing urge to google his name.. until it comes time to go to sleep. Then I lie awake, and obsessively research the man who took my childhood from me.

Then there are the emotional days. I take several trips into the bathroom, where i cry into my dogs soft fur, wash my face, and don't say a word to anyone.

Today, was different. It was my third day back to work in 7 months..

I felt dumb. I felt dead. 

I didn't feel anything at all. I just stared at the wall and prayed no one would ask if I was okay. 

How did you feel today?



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I felt ok for the most part.  Since deciding that I was going to face this head on...I have actually found this strange peace.  Tomorrow could be different.  Some days are bad and some days are good.  I do want to tell you though that I may not know you...but I will send a prayer up for you so that you do not have to pray alone.  I hope that these words of peace somehow reach you and you have a better and blessed day tomorrow.  

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