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Feeling strong and unstoppable




The New Me


My rage knows no bounds,
It has a new kind of sheen.
It is no longer a pained wrath,
But a passion to succeed.


From the hollows of destruction I shall rise.
Carefully putting my pieces back together. 
Moulding myself a brand new me, 
Adding to my cap another feather.


Like a Rajpoot princess who knows no defeat, 
I shall hold strong my sword in one hand,
The might of a pen shall grace my other,
And I'll write a bold new plan.


With the Father by my side,
Like an eternal flame I'll burn bright.
I will demolish all my demons, 
The fire within me will never die.


The world will witness the war that I've won.
The girl I was, the woman I've become.
And there will be a pompous celebration, 
One to be remembered by history.
Oh! I can already taste sweet victory!



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On 26/05/2016 at 6:36 AM, QuitConstruct said:

:party:      victory! I like the sound of that.

Thank you!!!! Glad I could share this with you :flowers:

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