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January 6th 2016

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I was at a bar in my local town out with a few friends enjoying myself I saw a bloke at the bar who I knew and not seen for a while he was my ex's brother. I went to go speak to him,it was the general typical conversation like how are you,how's the family ect. Then he started flirting with me I thought okay this is a little weird I had so many thoughts go through my head, he had a wife and 2 kids why is he bothering to flirt with me? Then I went back a few years when I dated his brother and I walked through into my ex's kitchen to make him and his brother a cup of tea I was wearing shorts and t shirt which is my every morning wear. And I remember one of the things he said to me "your arse my face" he said it in front of his brother they both laughed and I spoke to my ex later on that day to ask why he thought it was so funny and he said "it's just a joke don't worry about it" but I did the last time I saw him. I was getting my coat to leave the bar I was at and he followed me and said did you need a walk home and I politely said no and asked how he was getting home due to the taxis not running any more and he said don't worry about it. I felt anxious. He wouldn't take no for an answer we got to the graveyard which is just 2 minute walk from the bar and I wanted to speak to him about me and his brother like no hard feelings and get everything off my chest but he thought differently. He started taking off my clothes pushed me up against the church tower and raped me I told him numerous times to stop but nothing. After it finished I ran towards the bar hoping someone would come out and help me and they did the owner and the staff ran over and got me inside and phoned the police I done a video statement and a medical body examination. I didn't hear nothing for 3 months and when I did the police said they couldn't take it to court due to lack of evidence yet I done a body examination and they found his DNA then they said he had an alibi my heart stopped for a minute. Who was this person that gave him an alibi do they know what he done? Do they even care? I went downhill and still scared to leave the house.

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