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I Have Decided To Start Of My Blog With Something A Little Positive



!!Possible Trigger Warning!!

The other day i was reading a news paper when i saw a familiar face on the front page, it was my childhood friend and she was molested by her father who is now in prison for 3 years.

at first this girl wanted to stay anonymous until one day she wanted to inspire others in her position to come out and tell authorities. reading her story i though wow she is so brave and has a lot of guts then i started thinking to myself i want to get my story out there of what my uncle did to me and my four other cousins and so i found this website and after a few post on this site you have read and replied to my posts and have given me the courage to actually tell authorities about my uncle.

so within the next couple of weeks i am going to tell my mother my decision and see if my cousins will go down with me if not ill go by my self but either way i am going to get my uncles name out there and hopefully get his taxi license removed so i no longer see him with young girls in the back of his car which is actually where he did a lot of his touching to me.

when i do go talk to police hopefully i can inspire others out there to do the same and that things will be okay :)


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