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its not even a struggle anymore. i dont bother with how i feel, i just do. im tired. life is good for the most part. loving husband. easy job. home is paid for and i am surrounded by so many animals that make me smile every time i interact with them. these feelings must be chemical or something. i just have flashes of moments when i hear, whats the point? the torments in my head are completely different than the life i live. i feel the need to just dig in there and carve all that stuff out of my head. ugh. 

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I feel the same way too... it's so nice to see that someone really understands how I feel. I still feel like what is the point of doing anything, why should I, and often hopeless. Hey, don't let them win. You have to show those that try to oppress you that you're strong and you're better off without them. I channeled my anger and depression into me improving my life. 

The best kind of revenge is happiness. I hope you'll find peace. 

When I'm having a bad day I listen to "No more bad days" from This Wild Life. Give it a try and feel better! There is hope!

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