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the forest



Tonight, once again i visited the forest, the same forest i have been running through since 11, since the day i ran out of the forest into a pick up truck. Every few years, i find myself back in my mind in my dark heart, running towards my escape, that pick up truck that was supposed to end my abuse, end his terror over me but instead i am still here. The one thing i want to conquer in therapy is my desire to keep running towards that truck, the desire to end his now haunting terror in my life. What I struggle with is how to get out of the forest and find a safe escape when all i want to do on cold dark nights like this is keep running towards that truck.


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Still in the dark forest, running towards the truck, running towards peace. meeting my baby girl in heaven, how do i keep running when i am so tired ?

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Once again in the forest running towards that truck, i am so tired, when the hell am i going to get out of this dark forest ?

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In the past two weeks been stuck in the dark forest and the only option i see is running towards the truck. feel i will never get out of the darkness in the forest

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Desperately wanting you to throw something at the truck. I always will do what I can to help you out if this cursed forest. 

You are not alone-- 



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When am i going to get out of this forest, when will i want to stop running towards that truck. when will i not see leaving as an option ?

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Teleah, you are strong. Stop running, stop and take deep breaths of the beautiful smells in the forest. You and DBNB can enjoy eating marshmallows around the campfire. You are ok. It is all going to be ok. The Darkness is only temporary. The light will be coming soon. Enjoy the sounds and smells of the forest and the laughter and security of your friends joining you around the beautiful campfire. Big hugs being sent your way. Hang in there. This will pass, just hold tight. 

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((((((dbnb and mymentalhealth)))))), thank you for the support, am trying really hard to hang on, wait for it to get better, teleah

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