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Feeling Down



I am not feeling the greatest lately. The attack has been coming up more in my head =[ I just started talking to a therapist and she asked me to explain my attack and all of the progress that i have made feels like i am back to square one. with the night mares, nervous about people being around me, going in public places i don't know what seeking help will do so far nothing  now i am having panic attacks left and right i dont know what to do 


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What helps me is to write about it. If I'm having a panic attack I just starting writing everything down that comes to my head. I don't question the things I write I just get them out and it helps me to pinpoint my feelings, fears, or insecurities. It always surprises me because even when I think I understand something about myself there is always another layer. And then I read it to my boyfriend. I write it for me but it helps for him to know what EXACTLY is going on in my head. It's a no judgment zone and it has helped me through the panic attacks so that now they are much less frequent.  

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I will forsure try this thank you for the reply on here it makes me feel like i can find more ways to cope with this thank you 

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Hi Kmiller,

I know exactly how you feel, writing about it will really does help. Also Therapy takes a while, it gets worse before it gets better. Make sure that is the right therapist for you though, I have been through a few different ones and finally found one I liked about a year ago. My experience with therapy, just what I have found, was that my therapist waited until I was completely comfortable and trusted her before we got into the memories. At first, we just dealt with the random triggers and negative thoughts. Its great that your boyfriend is so open to hearing about your thoughts and feelings though he sounds like a great guy! 

I know most people are against them but I am also on medication to help with my nightmares, flash backs, and mood swings. Not for everyone but may be something you could look into? Just for the time being until you can figure out your feelings. Again I am just speaking from my experience.

But I hope everything goes well with you, your seeking help and you have a good support system (your boyfriend) so you can do this. 

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