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Have You Writen A Book



has any one writen a book about thier life If you have I would like to read it I have writen my story but I am too afraid to put it out there as my father is still living there is One book out there about me and my Family "Unjust Treatment" The true story of Jo Ann Dewey and the Wilson Brothers it was writen by my theripest .


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Hi Nonnie

I'm a writer and under contract to co-write an autobiography for a woman who survived horrific abuse as a child. The story is primarily based on her ability to forgive her abusers, but that does not lessen the manner in which she was victimized.

In addition to that book, I am also under contract for another autobiography; however it is not about abuse. Working on two books at once can be challenging, at best!

At some point, I will write my own story - but my words will focus less about the abuse and moreso about the journey to recovery. I have a blog that I've documented many aspects of my therapy, self discovery, and giant leaps that I've made throughout the process.

You're welcome to view any/all of it at the following website.


I hope you find peace in life. You deserve to be able to take a walk on the beach, put your feet in the sand, and not hesitate to call your life your own.


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hallo nonnie i have not written a book because my family are an issue but why not self publish and use a nick name i am using the pen name of Samantha Jane and i am going to self publish a book on my experience i am not putting my surname on my books and i have already self published one short story it cost me just about £2/£3 for each of the two copies i bought of my book its worth it i think maybe you could get together with others and have others write their story down and have it as anon

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I really want to write a book but i cant seem to get passed the first page. My family doesnt know the extent of my abuse n therefore im not sure what to do. If i did write a book it would definintely be ANNONYMOUS. I would choose to keep it that way because ALL of my ABUSERS where FAMILY MEMBERS :(

Im not sure where to start????

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start at the beginning I know that sounds like yah! ok ! but I have writen 4 books now and you just have to start at the beginning and then go back and fix things later as you can remember I use Blurb.com , you can go on the site for free and write your book and no body reads it except you ,you do all editing youself . it holds everything in place forever untill you decide to have it printed or erased and then you can just print out one for yourself if you wish and never have to do anything more about it or you can print as many as you like and do what you like with them they don't take royalties or have any controll over your book at all you own the copywrite to your book and can keep your story or sell it if you wish . it's all set up in book smart and you can edit and check spelling and mostly do as you please and when your ready just print one copy it costs less than $10 ,depending on how many pages you have and you can put pics in for free too. it really helps me when I get so down I just want to give up ,then I write

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start at the first page and skip on as you remember get the parts written down that bother you most and begin healing .releasing the fear and dought onto the pages . I realese my demons from my mind by trapping them onto the pages of my books and free myself a little more each day . hold on , only you can free yourself ...

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One day I just started writing. The next thing I knew I had several pages. To make a long story short, I gave different parts of me different names. I set them in a fictional home. Basically, it is the story of a woman who chooses her own needs over those of her children, three daughters. If you would like to know the name of my story, I will gladly tell you. It is available on Amazon as a book or a digital download, and is written under an assumed name. The abusive events in the story actually happened. It took me 2+ years to write it. Reliving some of the events was very painful and i kept me awake many nights. At one point, remembering sent me to the hospital for ten days. Good luck in your endeavor, but DO IT!

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