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Educating Others



So i was at work tonight and one of my co-workers, whom i have told, asked more about the attack since i had never said anything except "I was attacked when i was 14". Upon telling him a little about the attack (who it was, generally what happened, aftermath) he was still a little confused.

and i understand that some people who don't experience mental illness or assault won't understand why we can't just move on. but that being said i was trying to explain to him my PTSD and why i can be triggered by several different things and he kept saying "so you won't ever be able to say 'this happened to me who cares? it's in the past now'?". i guess i'm struggling with why he doesn't get it because he said he doesn't think that way about combat soldiers with PTSD...

I find it hard to talk about these things with people who just don't understand because even after ive tried explaining it tons of times they still think "That's dumb! Just get over it!"


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I think people who haven't been a victim of some type of abuse, think it's like high blood pressure....just take a pill for it.....get over it, move on.......

What the world does not understand is this is our minds...we can't shut them off, trade them in, or paint over the blackness. I feel like if I tell someone I was sexual abused, it's like they just heard me ask for a cup of coffee.....they will never get it till it happens to them.

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I like the analogy that these types of traumas cause a wound to your soul. Like Frodo's wound if you know Lord of the Rings. The wound can do some healing, and you may experience relief, but the wound will always remain a part of you. It is like nothing else in life. And I do not think that anyone who has not received such a wound can truly understand. I do think that there is enough information out there for people to at least be able to be sensitive and supportive and to gain a basic understanding that these types of experiences are not something that u can just go 'oh hey yeah, that old thing, I had forgotten all about that happening...'.

I dont tell people my stories other than my one friend so I have the greatest respect for you. I wish I could. There are many people who need educating. Some people will always be more receptive and sympathetic I guess? I imagine it would be very difficult to deal with such ignorance...

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