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Blissful Firsts



I will never forget the blissful summer of '09

Love, fear, adrenaline bursting through my veins

That was the summer I experienced my firsts:

Relationship, love-making and lets not forget the planes

My first time at an airport, I was going alone

I was scared - that's for sure - but what could I do?

The fear of crashing was there in the back of my mind

At the end of my journey though - I knew there was you

The zoo, the park, the golfing and bowling

So much to do - and with such little time to spare

The trip to the amusement park was a dream come true

All the scary rides, the fun - there was love in the air


Oh, my dear, how special you made me feel

The first time we explored the bodies of each other

The nerves and the romance of our very first time

What a blissful experience that was to discover

How bittersweet it was when I had to go back home

To get back to the airport and have to leave you behind

I didn't know if we'd make it as a couple, but even if not:

I would never forget the summer of bliss in 2009.


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