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About this blog

I was raped. I got the shit kicked out of me but I fought back. I fought hard, and it's not over because my rapists whom I know by name are still walking around free. People tell me that I should calm down, not be angry, not seek retribution, get therapy, buy a Thneed, move on...

The problem is that rape is at its heart the theft of control. And now all these other people want to tell me how to deal with the situation...control me.


I'm angry and I have every right to be angry and the reason being angry isn't normative is that society pressures survivors into sitting down and shutting up. Well bleeeeeep them.

*T* for language, descriptions 

Entries in this blog

If you say I "must" forgive, what you are really saying is that it's "scorched earth." (Extended version)

*T* language and descriptions I'm 16, and my mother set me up to be raped. It was brutal, I was punched over and over again, and I lost two teeth, in addition to being raped. TUE MAY 31 2022 On Tuesday I visited our county's district attorney. I took an audio recording of my father confessing to being part of a cover up, slandering me, lying to police, and threatening to commit perjury. He also implicated my mother in a conspiracy to commit aggravated sexual assault, and stated th
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