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About this blog

My story, experiences, thoughts, fears, flashbacks, and more.

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(Daily Thoughts) Day #1

Daily Thoughts (1) *I'm going to try and make this an everyday entry as sort of a diary. Today is January 3rd of 2022. I am currently at work and trying to get through the day, 12 hour shift 7am-7pm, I am on hour 5 out of 12 (Almost halfway there!). Today is my last work day until Saturday. I am a home health aide to a lovely senior couple. However, my days pass slow as they tend to nap a lot and I am O.C.D. about cleaning as I go so I don't have a ton of work to do throughout the day.

My Story

MY STORY   How do I even begin??  I guess I can start off by saying that I was sexually abused/molested from the time I was four (earliest memories of it happening) and it lasted until I was fifteen. That's at the minimum eleven years of sexual trauma. This is so hard to admit out loud. For so many years I have kept this to myself, and I have actually told myself that I would take it to my grave. Why did I tell myself this? Because I was AFRAID. Afraid of: my abuser, telling anyon
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