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About this blog

My journey documented. 

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“I love you”

“I love you,” you said to me that night, You love me, I told myself when I woke in the morning. You seem certain about this.  It seems there isn’t much you know though.  You don’t know that I scrubbed my skin until it turned red and broke  I felt unpure.  Don’t know I couldn’t sleep, I still can’t.  One eye open because I am scared.  Things you do know terrify me.  You know where I stay, where I sleep.  You know I have a beauty mark under my left


redroses in poetry

Entry 1: Before the Incident

Before everything happened with him, I never truly understood how victims minds worked. It’s a weird thing really. My friend told me about how she had been sexually assaulted at a young age. I always wondered why she didn’t just tell her dad. Or, when I watched tv why a victim would just let their abuser get away with what they did. Of course I sympathized with them, but I could never truly understand.  Sometimes I wish I couldn’t truly understand. A lot of times really. I wish I didn’t kno


redroses in My Journey.

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