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i am free to speak my mind

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To All the Inner Children

I love you, and you are so loved. Im sorry that the adults in your life didnt protect you and at worst, abused you and used you. My heart breaks when I think of the innocent angels that bore witness to such horrible things. WHY, WHY, WHY Higher Power did you let this happen!!!? I hate You for allowing this to happen. Make it make sense. Make it right. Cleanse me. Make me new again. Avenge us and let us see why so many have had to endure such horror. If You are

Mimi M.

Mimi M. in thoughts....

Who Hurt You Precious One? (*TW*)

who put their hands where they shouldnt be? making me squirm and wish i wasnt on your lap looking down at my brother, who is looking up at me brother, i think you were 2 years old you looked up at me with questioning eyes your eyes asked me: "why are you on his lap? what is happening to you? i dont like this." i looked down at you, brother i wished i was you why cant i be you brother? why cant i be a boy? if i was a boy, would i be on his lap?

Mimi M.

Mimi M. in thoughts....


who rightfully owns this shame, ME or you (abusers)? lets explore this for a moment you (abusers) sought amusement by sexually abusing a 4/5 year old let that sink in was your wife not enough for your sexual pleasure? im not an advocate for prostitution (far from it!) but, could you not have turned to another consenting adult? sure, you would have had to pay for it, but you had plenty of money (at least somebody could have gotten financially compensated) i

MESSAGE TO MY abusers (*TW*)

well hello!! i would ask you how you are, but I already know miserable i was thinking about you though thinking about how pathetic it is to abuse the innocent for your pleasure there are so many other things in the world to make oneself feel good -sitting outside and feeling the sunshine on your bare skin -walking on the sand while listening to the crashing waves -feeling somebody melt into your arms when you hug (instead of freeze when touched) -the

Hey Abusers: you DONT OWN MY ORG*SM (O) *tw*

my O is mine, and mine alone i can touch myself and make me O (wayyyyyyyy better than you ever did BTW) my husband touches me and gives me the best O i bet you thought you could take that away from me laugh out loud bc one of you is dead, and the other in a wheelchair now abusers, you are less than nothing now you destroyed yourself and im not sorry for you you hurt innocent angels and now you are suffering for it-NOT ME i am free. i am innocent. i am
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