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About this blog

A place to share my experience, thoughts and just lay on virtual paper words that won't come out. Might contain triggers, i'll do my best to indicate when it's the case.

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A chance meeting with myself

I've been feeling really nostalgic lately, an old anime I used to watch as a kid got a reboot and it just sends me back in time. I remember when I was playing with my best friend at the time, we had this scenario of our 26yo future self coming to us to help us fight the bad guys. Why we picked 26yo, I don't know, but since i'm getting older and wiser, maybe it's time to make fiction into reality, and write a letter to my 11yo, innocent self. ------ Dear young me, You probably don'


Yeenodon in On my way

feeling alone yet self isolating

I've been thinking a lot lately. And I mean... a looot. I asked myself, why is everything so hard? Why do I feel so unmotivated ? why do I feel so bored of everything? I don't like just sitting there and do nothing, I need to be productive, else I feel like I'm wasting the little time I've granted in this life. So, why do I still waste it? It's not as simple as my brain try to make it out to be.   Feelings, emotions, it's complicated. If you don't feel good, even the smallest

When the path isn't already traced

The words as they came to me You know, I'm not exactly a highly spiritual or religious person. I just do things my way, follow my guts and feelings. At least most of the time. What is really challenging to me with overcoming trauma and making my way to recovery, is, I don't know the way. I'm lost with only my moral compass to guide me, and a shattered mind to make decisions. There's noone to hand me a map that says "in 100 meters, turn left, recovery is at the end of this road". that's


Yeenodon in On my way

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