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About this blog

A journey, a tsunami, a life. How does one walk through the aftermath of trauma? 

Speaking out and connecting with a community of survivors may be the road less traveled by many, but we are strong, brave, and resilient. 

We have each other, our voices, and our incredibly valuable lives.

The lies told by abusers, society, even so called 'friends' can be exposed, slowly and surely. 

We acknowledge the lasting damage and the horrific pain caused from our trauma.

We also can heal, slowly and surely. We can see our value, slowly and surely. You deserve to be heard, to be seen for all your uniqueness and worth, to be supported with care and understanding.

This, I believe, is the road less traveled, maybe not because many can't but because they may not quite know that they can.

Entries in this blog

Tears of fear

I just got home from dropping my child off at daycare and I cried on the way home. BUT they were good, healing tears. So hang in there with the story…it does have a good ending. Rewind to yesterday morning. I’m getting ready to go out the door amidst the mad rush of getting shoes on, backpacks ready, thermoses filled, coats on, the approximately 1,000,000 things that all need to be done when getting a 3 and 4 year-old out the door. My youngest child says in a scared voice, Is T going to be


Hope321 in Journal

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